Farting Femdom Girls

Dominated by stinky asses!

Mistress Roberta did not like how much noise her slave made. She asked him to take it down a notch as she was trying to sleep but he thought that he could get it back up once he was sure she had slept. She was startled by the noise again and she was so pissed that she facesat on him and she farted on him to punish him for it.

Mistress Teodora was told by her friends what to do to this loser. She was the only one who did not know how to humiliate a slave and was also reluctant to do it. Her friends brought a slave for her to torture and they gave her instructions on what they wanted her to do. They made her use her denim to facesit on him and fart on him too.

Mistress Sam and her boyfriend were not in good terms. She had to teach him what she thought he lacked. She had tried to talk to him to change without her doing cruel things to him but he did not seem to have grasped the message. She facesat on him today on the bed and she farted on him. It was degrading and humiliating but at the end of the day, he learned his lesson.

This mistress wanted her ass licked and smelled. She had never had that done to her ass. She could tell this guy was in love with her ass so she took advantage of that to make him do what she wanted. She had a great time doing it and not only had her ass licked, but she also farted on the guy and he inhaled the farts. She thought he would be disgusted but it was a turn on for him.

Mistress Nikki and her friends wanted to humiliate this guy. So they lured him with promises of a threesome. The guy loved the idea and he went running. But the mistresses had other ideas. They flirted and teased him and he loved it. He was shocked when they began peeing on him and they farted on his face for fun. He did not know that was going to be part of the deal and he was degraded. He did not even get to have a threesome.

This mistress had a bloated stomach and she knew she had to do something to relieve herself. She opted to fart in order to release the excess gas. She had fun doing it because it relieved her and it kept her busy. She enjoyed it and had a good time although by the time she was done farting, the house was smelly and she had to have it cleaned thoroughly.

When this mistress was pissed by her boyfriend, she did something she had never done to him before. She used her high heels to trample him and she facesat on him and farted on his face. She let him feel the pain of her high heels trampling his body and then got him to feel the humiliation of being facesat on as well as being farted on. He never messed with her again.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor likes to show her friends how to humiliate and to torture. Today she was teaching them about fart femdom. So she got a loser who they used for that purpose. The mistress facesat on him through a trampling box and she nearly choked him as she did so. It was even worse when she farted on him. She then let her friends have a go at him and they enjoyed it.

Mistress Mia did not like how her friend's boyfriend treated her. She had to stand up for her friend and she did. She told her friend she deserved better and the two mistresses humiliated him by forcing him to lick their asses as they facesat on him. They even farted on him and he was forced to smell their farts. They did not care that he was almost getting choked.

Mistress Alina was feeling bloated. She wanted to relieve herself so she induced her own farting. She farted all the time and she had fun doing it because it felt great and it also relieved her bloating. The downside was that she got the whole house smelling of farts. She however did not mind as she was farting in a guest room and she did not care how it smelled.