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Goddess Rachel had asked this guy to do some work for her but he did not do it as well as she wanted. She was so angry at him especially when he demanded payment for what he had done. The mistress had to come up with a suitable payment for him given the circumstances. Goddess Rachel preferred to use her farts to pay him and that is what she did.

Mistress Emma was not in the mood for sex and she wanted to avoid having it with her boyfriend. So she told him she had a bloated stomach and she could not. He told her he did not mind. So she farted and he did not seem to mind. And she told him to smell her farts and he did. She was shocked but it was also a turn on.

Goddess Greta was desperate for some money so she tried to borrow from this guy. She was sure he had money but he told her he did not have. Since she was desperate, she was not going to try elsewhere when she was sure he had it. She turned on him and made him her fart slave. As he choked on her farts, he suddenly remembered he had money he could lend her.

Goddess Allie likes guys who are turned on by her beauty alone because she knows that they are easy to humiliate and to have fun at their expense. She met this guy today and she had fun turning him into her fart femdom girl. The mistress loved how he tried to endure her farts and other humiliation but he cried when it became too much for him. He ran away never to be seen again.

Goddess Amirha farted on this loser for having a small dick. She did not even bother to remove her clothes because she knew his dick would not satisfy her. She did not want to waste her time and she was angry he had wasted her time and raised her hopes by telling her he would rock her world. The mistress farted on him and left him nursing his hurt ego.

Goddess Amirha did not want to fuck this guy. She had used him for his money and he wanted to fuck her as a reward for it. She had to be smart in order to get her way. She pretended to be very naughty and when he came, she teased him and undressed. She made him horny but then she farted on his face and she turned him off. He stormed out of her house and she got what she wanted.

Mistress Athena has a big black ass. She loves using it to torture guys after she has used it to lure them. This one thought he had hit the jackpot but he was shocked when he was turned into a fart slave as opposed to fucking her. She had fun at his expense and she teased him and denied him before she chased him away when she had had enough of it.

This mistress has a great ass and she likes to use it to humiliate guys for fun. She wanted to try fart fetish so she teased this loser and farted on him. He was so happy to have her ass in his face. But he was shocked when she turned on him and she farted on him. She choked him with it and she humiliated him like he had never been humiliated before.

Mistress Teodora was told by her friends what to do to this loser. She was the only one who did not know how to humiliate a slave and was also reluctant to do it. Her friends brought a slave for her to torture and they gave her instructions on what they wanted her to do. They made her use her denim to facesit on him and fart on him too.

This mistress had a bloated stomach and she knew she had to do something to relieve herself. She opted to fart in order to release the excess gas. She had fun doing it because it relieved her and it kept her busy. She enjoyed it and had a good time although by the time she was done farting, the house was smelly and she had to have it cleaned thoroughly.