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When this guy failed to pay back goddess Tempest, she knew she had to come up with different ways to make sure that whatever she wanted was paid. That is why the mistress chose to make her a fart slave. She had him lick as well as smell her farts and had to do it the way she felt it had to be done. He had to lick her farts directly from the source.

Mistress Kaidence wanted to scare her boyfriend. He had never seen her angry and he took advantage of her good-natured spirit to do some things she did not like. Today she got so mad that she used her farts to punish him. He was forced to smell her farts and to lick her asshole. He was scared of her and that is when he learned that she was not so innocent after all.

Mistress Amanda has an amazing ass that many guys want to pound. And she wanted to find out whether she could still retain a guy's interest in sex with her even after she farted. So she got a guy who was interested in her and they had a little foreplay. As he was eating her ass, she farted on him and she made it look like it was intentional and that it was sexy. The guy loved her ass so much he did not mind.

This mistress knew her boyfriend loved to fuck and she was not in the mood for it. But she did not want to hurt his ego so she came up with a different way to turn him off. She waited until they were having foreplay and before he had removed her underwear. While he was in the process, she farted and he was instantly turned off and she achieved her goal.

With a gorgeous ass, mistress Melissa knows that she can get what she wants from guys such as this loser who adore sexy asses. She teased him with her thong on and she got the guy to what she asked. She only wanted him to smell her farts and the guy agreed to do it much to her surprise. She could not believe anyone could agree to smell stinky farts because of an ass.

Mistress Gaia used her sexy ass to dominate and to degrade this loser. He had been a pain in her ass and she did not want it to go on. So the mistress enjoyed making him smell her farts. She facesat on him and she had fun farting on him. She choked him with her farts as she had made sure she facesat on him when her stomach was gassy.

Goddess Amirha did not like how rude this guy was to the old couple that was everyone's favorite neighbor on the block. She had to stand up for them and she did. She humiliated him using her farts. She tricked him to go to her house and she turned on him. She tied him up and she smothered his face with her ass then she farted on him as she facesat on him.

Mistress Roberta caught her slave looking at her ass and she was angry. He was a slave and he was not supposed to look at her in a sexual way. She had to teach him never to do that again so she farted on him. She did it while facesitting on him. Mistress Roberta told him he was only good for licking and smelling her stinky farts and nothing else.

Mistress Sara and her friend Sam love to compete. Today they agreed to wrestle and whoever would pin the other one down was allowed to fart on her. They wrestled hard as no one wanted to lose. But in the end, mistress Sam overpowered Sara and she facesat on her and farted on her. It was worth the effort she had put in to win the duel and pin her friend down.

Mistress Gia won a bet against her friend Bambina and she redeemed her win by farting on her friend and facesitting on her. She could not say no as they had agreed that whoever won would do whatever she wanted to the loser. She had clearly won and she had to be allowed to do what she wanted to her friend. She loved the facial expressions Bambina made as she farted on her face.