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Goddess Tempest was angry that this guy had kept her waiting. He tried to explain that it was because of traffic and that he was sorry. She did not care about the reason and she told him as much. He had a choice to make. She told him if he still wanted to fuck her, he had to smell her farts. Otherwise, there would be no sex. The guy agreed to smell her stinky farts.

Goddess Amirha knew how to get results from this loser. She had given him free space to work but he disappointed her. She had to get results from him so she used domination and humiliation to get the results she wanted. She choked the loser and she turned him into a human toilet. She got him to lick her ass as well as her farts and she facesat on him.

Mistress Mia did not like how her friend's boyfriend treated her. She had to stand up for her friend and she did. She told her friend she deserved better and the two mistresses humiliated him by forcing him to lick their asses as they facesat on him. They even farted on him and he was forced to smell their farts. They did not care that he was almost getting choked.

This mistress loves to torture guys for fun. She does not humiliate or torture anyone because she is pissed or something like that. She prefers to do it because she feels like it. That is what she did today as she got this guy to smell her farts. She lured the guy with her sexy body and then humiliated him by pretending to be naughty and kinky. She then left him high and dry.

Goddess Amirha wanted to use her farts to teach this guy a lesson. She did not like how he behaved and she wanted to make sure he would never do it again. She sat on his face and she used her farts to humiliate and degrade him. She choked him with her farts as he could not breathe properly due to the foul smelling farts. He struggled to breathe and she knew he had learned his lesson.