Farting Femdom Girls

Dominated by stinky asses!

This guy needed to be dissuaded and the mistress did it with her farts. The mistress had to make sure that the guy would be made to smell farts and to do some other cruel and humiliating things. He thought that she was bluffing but she was not so she went ahead to make him lick and smell her farts before she was done with him. He knew she was serious and was dissuaded from doing what he had planned to do.

Mistress Maryan wanted to try fart fetish but she did not know it as well as she wanted to. She was determined to make sure that she tried it and that she became good at it. That is why she chose to try it on this guy and make sure that she became as good as she could before she finally decided to go public with that idea. She was surprised at how good she had managed to become.

Mistress Veronique was out to scare this guy and she did it without thinking twice. The mistress laughed at the guy as he begged her to stop. She did not worry about what he felt as all that mattered to her was she humiliated the guy and that by the time she was done with him, he was scared of her and would never try to mess with her.

Mistress Venus loves to do some crazy things and today was one of the days when she wanted to do some naughty things. The mistress chose to use her farting femdom to torture and humiliate this guy. The mistress went ahead to shit on the guy when she felt that the farts were not enough for the guy. He cried and wished that she would stop what she was doing.

Lady Tassia did not want anyone to misbehave and that is why she chose to dominate this slave when he did. She used her farts to punish him as she did not want him to think that it was ok to piss her off and do what he was doing. The mistress laughed at the guy as he choked and she felt that he had learned his lesson. So she stopped the punishment.

This mistress has a big ass and big ass lovers like to admire it. Some of them walk up to her and try to hit on her. But this guy took it to a whole other level when he spanked her. They did not know each other and he thought that that would endear her to him. But it did the opposite. She was pissed but she hid her anger and lured him to her house where she punished him with farts.

This guy was into mistress Mystique's fat ass. He tried his best to hit on her and he finally got her to agree to fuck him. He promised to make her cum hard and she believed him. But he did not do it and she was so pissed that she had to smother him and fart on him too. That is how he learned never to joke with her again.

Mistress Madison was about to move out of her house. She had completed all of her paperwork and the moving truck was being loaded. When she was almost done, she chose to put the landlord in his place by dominating him with her farts. The mistress used an improvised toilet and fart on him and told him he was lucky she did not want to shit on him. He had to be nicer to his newer tenants.

This guy did not know his place and he thought that he could just do whatever he pleased. This mistress had been watching him and she felt that he had to be reminded of his place. That is why she opted to humiliate him with her stinky farts in order to put him in his place. He had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted and he learned his place.

Mistress Madison wanted this stalker to know that she would not tolerate any nonsense from him. She had asked him to stop but he did not. The mistress then came up with a new way to punish him and it involved her farts. After she had laid a trap for him, she had him smell her farts and he nearly choked as he did so. But the lesson was learned.

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