Farting Femdom Girls

Dominated by stinky asses!

Mistress Jessie likes to discipline people who mess with her. This guy did something she did not approve of and she could not keep quiet about it. She had to give him a piece of her mind. She cruelly trampled him with her ass. She sat on his face and besides choking him and the obvious pain he felt, she also farted on him. She laughed at him as she saw how tortured and humiliated he got.

Goddess Jasmine was not in the mood to mess around with anyone. She wanted things done her way and she was not going to accept anything less than that. She pulled this guy aside and forced him to do it her way by forcing him to smell her farts. She also used her farts to choke him. It was a brutal punishment but she did not care what he felt.

This mistress was angered by the fact that this girl was trying to undo all she had done. She tried to reason with her but she did not listen. The mistress was left with no choice but to punish her. And she did so cruelly. The mistress forced the poor guy to lick her ass as well as to smell her farts. It was a cruel way and by the time she was done with her, the girl wished she had listened to her.

Mistress Julie and her friend Bambina are competitive and they like to do crazy things. The mistresses had a bet and whoever won was allowed to do whatever she wanted on the loser. Mistress Julie won and she had a great time facesitting on her friend. She also farted on her face and enjoyed humiliating him. She was in no hurry to finish her punishment much to the chagrin of mistress Bambina.

This mistress has a great ass and she likes to use it to humiliate guys for fun. She wanted to try fart fetish so she teased this loser and farted on him. He was so happy to have her ass in his face. But he was shocked when she turned on him and she farted on him. She choked him with it and she humiliated him like he had never been humiliated before.

Princess Diana likes having her ass eaten. On an average day, that is good foreplay for her. But today she got this guy she did not like very much to do it. When she had cum after instructing him what to do, she farted on him to kill the vibe. She turned him off by that single act and she went back to watching her movies after having cum.

Goddess Amirha was not in the mood to fuck her boyfriend but she did not want him to know that. She used a scapegoat to get out of it. She pretended to initiate foreplay and she teased him with her sexy ass. But as she facesat on him playfully, she farted on him and she pretended it was accidental yet she had planned it all. Her boyfriend was humiliated and did not want to go on with the foreplay.

Mistress Roberta did not like how much noise her slave made. She asked him to take it down a notch as she was trying to sleep but he thought that he could get it back up once he was sure she had slept. She was startled by the noise again and she was so pissed that she facesat on him and she farted on him to punish him for it.

Mistress Teodora was told by her friends what to do to this loser. She was the only one who did not know how to humiliate a slave and was also reluctant to do it. Her friends brought a slave for her to torture and they gave her instructions on what they wanted her to do. They made her use her denim to facesit on him and fart on him too.

Mistress Sam and her boyfriend were not in good terms. She had to teach him what she thought he lacked. She had tried to talk to him to change without her doing cruel things to him but he did not seem to have grasped the message. She facesat on him today on the bed and she farted on him. It was degrading and humiliating but at the end of the day, he learned his lesson.

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