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Mistress Nikki and mistress Mini had a sugar daddy. He wanted two girls and he got them. They did not have an issue with the arrangement because they benefited from how he fucked them and spoiled them. But they also had another reason why they loved the arrangement. He let them be as wild as they wanted and try things on him. Today they tried farting and facesitting fetish on him.

This ebony mistress was dying to have her pussy eaten and this guy said he would do her pussy justice. But he did not do it and he left her disappointed. So she facesat on him and she rubbed her clit and pussy on his face to satisfy herself and to punish him all at the same time. She managed to kill two birds with one stone. She never wanted to see him again.

As mistress Chadam facesat on this guy and wiggled her ass on his face, she not only had him lick and smell her sweaty ass, but she also made sure that he smelled her farts. He choked on them as he could not breathe properly because of what she had done. He was uncomfortable and he cried to her to stop it but the mistress ignored him and continued humiliating him.

Mistress Ariel Black and her friend could not stand their boss any longer. He was a bad boss and often made them work longer for little pay and he did not appreciate what they did. He even talked rudely to them. They had had enough and they punished him today in his own office. The mistresses stripped their boss naked and they farted on his face and facesat on him.

This mistress wanted to torture her slave for not cleaning her house properly. She is a clean freak and she had to make sure he learned to clean her house properly. She facesat on him and she farted on him. She got him to agree to do as she instructed him. He was humiliated and degraded and he nearly peed his pants. She had fun at his expense and let him go after she got bored.

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