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This mistress felt that this guy was too inquisitive and she did not like it. She valued her privacy and that is why she did not want to be asked a lot of questions. The mistress tried to make the guy realize that she did not like that but he did not stop. So she made him a fart slave and she had fun torturing him with her big black ass.

This guy was ready to hit on mistress Madison. They were colleagues and they were out of town for work and that is how he got to her room. As they were chatting, she realized he was hitting on her. The mistress farted and told him she wanted him to smell her farts. He was shocked and he was disgusted. He got out of there and she never had to deal with him hitting on her again.

Mistress Lola wanted to facesit her boyfriend and to have fun at his expense. She was not happy with him and so she felt it was good to humiliate him. To make it even more humiliating, the mistress farted on him. He nearly choked as she did so. That is how he learned his lesson and knew that he had to meet her half way and be a better partner.

Mistress Van Licks wanted to make sure that this guy stopped being a pain in the ass of other people. That is why she took it upon herself to trample him as well as fart on him. When she felt that he was not responding to her farts, she also peed on him. That is what did the trick and he learned his lesson the way she wanted him to.

Mistress Madison wanted to make her friend learn to use farts to have fun. She had instructed her friend how to do it but her friend did not get it as well as she wanted her to get it. So she opted to do it practically for her. The mistress made her friend endure her farts so that she could learn what the mistress wanted her to learn about the fetish.

Mistress Dorimills and mistress Agma had moved into this neighborhood and they found out that there was a neighborhood bully who was wrecking havoc to people. They had to stand up to him and they did it without caring about the warnings people gave them about the bully. The mistresses facesat him, choked him and farted on him to make him learn that it would not be business as usual. They told him that they were willing to do worse things to make him stop bullying. He stopped.

This guy was interested in this mistress but she did not feel the same way. He did not realize that she was not interested in continuing to talk to him so she had to come up with a new way of doing things. So the mistress farted on him to make him realize that he could not handle her and so he left even though he was humiliated as well as dejected.

When this mistress felt that she had to dominate this loser, she immediately settled on using farts to deal with him. She had never done it before and she felt that that was the best way to deal with it. She recorded how he handled her farts and she laughed at him as he tried his best to avoid smelling them but he had to as he could not hold his breath for longer.

Mistress Valentina did not like this guy and she did not like how he hit on her. He was a bit disrespectful in his approach and she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress chose to humiliate him and she did it with her big ass. The mistress farted on him as she facesat him and he was shocked at the turn it took as he had expected it to be a fun activity.

Mistress Layla was disappointed in her girl slave and she had to act as she had talked to her before but things did not change. That is why the mistress had to teach her never to do that again. She gave her a final warning by farting on her to show her that she had moved from talking to acting with a promise that it would be worse next time.

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