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This mistress felt that she wanted to dismiss her slave and she did so using her farts. The poor guy was forced to sit there and take it all as the mistress had fun at his expense. The mistress threatened to shit on him if he did not learn his lesson. The scared guy knew she was serious and he had to change to avoid being made to lick her ass and eat her shit.

Mistress Layla was disappointed in her girl slave and she had to act as she had talked to her before but things did not change. That is why the mistress had to teach her never to do that again. She gave her a final warning by farting on her to show her that she had moved from talking to acting with a promise that it would be worse next time.

Goddess Greta was desperate for some money so she tried to borrow from this guy. She was sure he had money but he told her he did not have. Since she was desperate, she was not going to try elsewhere when she was sure he had it. She turned on him and made him her fart slave. As he choked on her farts, he suddenly remembered he had money he could lend her.

Goddess Allie likes guys who are turned on by her beauty alone because she knows that they are easy to humiliate and to have fun at their expense. She met this guy today and she had fun turning him into her fart femdom girl. The mistress loved how he tried to endure her farts and other humiliation but he cried when it became too much for him. He ran away never to be seen again.

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