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Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Jucy wanted to dominate this girl and they did it with their asses. The mistresses chose to fart on the girl and to make sure that she gave them the information that they wanted from her. They did not care what she felt as they did their thing and in no time, they had all the info they wanted as she could not stand the punishment any longer.

Lady Tassia was fed up of her husband not being helpful. She did not want to have to deal with such a person and that is why she had to make him realize that he needed to change and so she farted on him a few times in the kitchen and she made sure that he licked her ass and he smelled her farts. He did not want that again so he changed.

When mistress Dula wanted to dominate her boyfriend, she had to quickly find a way to fart on him. She knew how he reacted to farts and she made sure that she degraded him with hers. She also prayed that it was a stinky one and she was glad that it was. It was a nasty one and he was humiliated for days. Whenever he remembered it, he got pissed.

Mistress Madison wanted to make her friend learn to use farts to have fun. She had instructed her friend how to do it but her friend did not get it as well as she wanted her to get it. So she opted to do it practically for her. The mistress made her friend endure her farts so that she could learn what the mistress wanted her to learn about the fetish.

Mistress Dula did not appreciate the kind of things that her slave did and one of the worst for her was his lateness which she had warned him against many times. When he did not change, the mistress had no choice but to punish him. That is why she chose to fart on him and choke him in the process for him to know that he had to stop that habit.

This guy was bigoted and mistress Nadja did not want anything to do with him. She felt that the best way to deal with him was to humiliate him with her big ass as well as with her farts and that is what she did. He regretted what he had done and he begged her to stop humiliating and choking her but she ignored as she wanted the lesson to sink in.

Mistress Dorimills and mistress Jucy had a pretentious girl to deal with and they did it in a way she had never expected. She was forced to lick the mistresses' farts and she was also asked to endure being trampled and manhandled. She could do nothing about it other than to beg them to stop. But they did not until they were tired of doing it. She was never pretentious again.

Mistress Madison knew her boyfriend was out to have sex. As she sat on the bed and posed in different positions, she had him sit back and check her out. He was getting turned on until she farted. She made it look like a mistake but she did it again and he knew it was not a mistake. But he was already too invested and he ignored that and smashed her.

When this mistress felt that she had to dominate this loser, she immediately settled on using farts to deal with him. She had never done it before and she felt that that was the best way to deal with it. She recorded how he handled her farts and she laughed at him as he tried his best to avoid smelling them but he had to as he could not hold his breath for longer.

Mistress Valentina did not like this guy and she did not like how he hit on her. He was a bit disrespectful in his approach and she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress chose to humiliate him and she did it with her big ass. The mistress farted on him as she facesat him and he was shocked at the turn it took as he had expected it to be a fun activity.

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