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Mistress Athena has a big black ass. She loves using it to torture guys after she has used it to lure them. This one thought he had hit the jackpot but he was shocked when he was turned into a fart slave as opposed to fucking her. She had fun at his expense and she teased him and denied him before she chased him away when she had had enough of it.

Goddess Tempest loves to fart. She does it all the time and she does it because she loves it. She knows many people hate the smell of farts but she loves it. And she is not afraid to use it to have fun at the expense of others, especially those who piss her off. This BBW girl pissed her off and she had to teach her a lesson so she turned her into her fart slave.

When this mistress learned that her boyfriend and her friend had been out chasing girls instead of the late night office meetings he had told her, she had to punish both of them. She did it cruelly and humiliatingly so that they would not do it again. She made them lie down and she facesat on them. She farted on them and warned them that next time she would piss and shit on them.

Goddess Amirha was horny but her boyfriend was not in the mood for sex. She found it strange that that happened. He was always in the mood. She felt that he was probably cheating on her and that is why he was satisfied when she was not. She facesat on him to both punish him as well as rub her clit and her pussy on his face till she came. When she came, she farted on him.

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