Farting Femdom Girls

Dominated by stinky asses!

Mistress Sara and her friend were bored and while they were looking for what to do, they found themselves wrestling. Mistress Sara had farted and her friend wanted to punish her by farting on her too. They wrestled and whoever pinned the other down would fart on her and get her to smell it. None of them wanted to be pinned down so they wrestled hard but mistress Sara was pinned down and she had to smell her friend's farts.

Mistress Candy has a big ass. She likes to fart and she enjoys farting all the time whether she is alone or she is farting on someone. She does not care the circumstances. Today she wanted to fart on a guy since it had been some time before she had. She forced this loser to lick her ass besides smelling the farts and he was degraded like he had never been before.

This mistress and her kinky husband love to have fun. There is nothing they cannot try and today fart fetish was on the list. The mistress bent over and she had her boyfriend open his mouth and take in her farts. He was to taste the farts and since his nose was near her ass, he was also to smell her farts. It was naughty for both of them and it turned them on.

Mistress Melissa did not want to torture this loser using pain. So she sat down and thought about it then settled on fart fetish. She used her farts to degrade him. All he had to do was to lie down and lick her ass as well as smell it. She did not want anything else from him. He had to endure long farts, loud farts, silent farts as well as stinky farts.

Mistress Emma wanted to humiliate this loser by having him smell her farts. She lured him to her house and she used her sexy ass to do it. She had fun making him lick her ass and she surprised him by having him smell her farts. She farted on him and he was shocked but he had no choice but to smell them and lick her ass after she had farted.

This mistress loves to torture guys for fun. She does not humiliate or torture anyone because she is pissed or something like that. She prefers to do it because she feels like it. That is what she did today as she got this guy to smell her farts. She lured the guy with her sexy body and then humiliated him by pretending to be naughty and kinky. She then left him high and dry.

Mistress Tabby has a great ass. She knows she has a good ass and she uses it as bait to humiliate guys. She knows guys cannot resist her ass and since she is a naughty and kinky girl, she likes to make guys do crazy things that they could otherwise not do. She asked this guy to lick her ass which is what he wanted to do and in the process of doing that, she farted on him.

Goddess Amirha wanted to use her farts to teach this guy a lesson. She did not like how he behaved and she wanted to make sure he would never do it again. She sat on his face and she used her farts to humiliate and degrade him. She choked him with her farts as he could not breathe properly due to the foul smelling farts. He struggled to breathe and she knew he had learned his lesson.

This mistress has a great ass and she was tired of this guy praising it and telling her how she wanted to lick it and to smell it. She wanted to put an end to that so she invited him to her house and she to smell her ass. She also tied his face to her ass and she choked him with her farts. he had to inhale them and he had no choice.

This mistress wanted to torture her slave for not cleaning her house properly. She is a clean freak and she had to make sure he learned to clean her house properly. She facesat on him and she farted on him. She got him to agree to do as she instructed him. He was humiliated and degraded and he nearly peed his pants. She had fun at his expense and let him go after she got bored.

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