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Lady Tassia did not want anyone to misbehave and that is why she chose to dominate this slave when he did. She used her farts to punish him as she did not want him to think that it was ok to piss her off and do what he was doing. The mistress laughed at the guy as he choked and she felt that he had learned his lesson. So she stopped the punishment.

Lady Tassia did not want to deal with a professor who did not listen to her and who thought that she would not amount to anything. She had to prove him wrong and so she worked hard and she proved him wrong. He was shocked but she did not let that be the end of it all. Instead, the mistress turned him into a fart slave and she had fun degrading him.

Lady Tassia was fed up of her husband not being helpful. She did not want to have to deal with such a person and that is why she had to make him realize that he needed to change and so she farted on him a few times in the kitchen and she made sure that he licked her ass and he smelled her farts. He did not want that again so he changed.

Lady Tassia summoned her slave to the couch where she had lifted her legs up while she was naked and he had to smell her farts. She was gassy and so she had a lot of farts. The slave was not even allowed to make a face as he smelled them. He had to act as if he enjoyed it all and that is the only thing the mistress was going to accept from him.

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