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Mistress Ariel Black and her friend could not stand their boss any longer. He was a bad boss and often made them work longer for little pay and he did not appreciate what they did. He even talked rudely to them. They had had enough and they punished him today in his own office. The mistresses stripped their boss naked and they farted on his face and facesat on him.

This mistress was angered by the fact that this girl was trying to undo all she had done. She tried to reason with her but she did not listen. The mistress was left with no choice but to punish her. And she did so cruelly. The mistress forced the poor guy to lick her ass as well as to smell her farts. It was a cruel way and by the time she was done with her, the girl wished she had listened to her.

Mistress Roberta did not like how much noise her slave made. She asked him to take it down a notch as she was trying to sleep but he thought that he could get it back up once he was sure she had slept. She was startled by the noise again and she was so pissed that she facesat on him and she farted on him to punish him for it.

Mistress Melissa did not want to torture this loser using pain. So she sat down and thought about it then settled on fart fetish. She used her farts to degrade him. All he had to do was to lie down and lick her ass as well as smell it. She did not want anything else from him. He had to endure long farts, loud farts, silent farts as well as stinky farts.

Mistress Tabby has a great ass. She knows she has a good ass and she uses it as bait to humiliate guys. She knows guys cannot resist her ass and since she is a naughty and kinky girl, she likes to make guys do crazy things that they could otherwise not do. She asked this guy to lick her ass which is what he wanted to do and in the process of doing that, she farted on him.

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