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Goddess Tempest wanted to fart on this guy and facesit on him because she did not like how irresponsible he was. She had tried to talk to him to change but he did not do so. She went out of her way to trample and choke him and she did not care how he felt or how he nearly choked. The pain and the humiliation were what he needed to become a responsible person.

Goddess Tempest had an issue with her slave and she had to make sure that it was addressed quickly. She is not the type to keep grudges and so she used her farts to dominate the guy. The mistress made sure he licked her ass and he smelled her farts before she was done with him and then she forgave him immediately after he was doing what she asked him to.

When this guy failed to pay back goddess Tempest, she knew she had to come up with different ways to make sure that whatever she wanted was paid. That is why the mistress chose to make her a fart slave. She had him lick as well as smell her farts and had to do it the way she felt it had to be done. He had to lick her farts directly from the source.

Goddess Tempest wanted to torture this guy and that is what she did using her farts. But since she wanted to make it a memorable one, she chose to use her wet farts to do it. The mistress had a great time using wet farts to degrade him as he had to lick and smell them. He had no say in the matter and he was at the mercy of the mistress.

Goddess Tempest wanted to get fucked hard. She was super horny as they had not had sex in a while. Her boyfriend was horny too and that is what made him cum too quickly. But she was so pissed when that happened and she had to teach him a lesson. She did this through her fart fetish. She farted on his face as punishment for it and she made him fuck her hard.

Goddess Tempest was angry that this guy had kept her waiting. He tried to explain that it was because of traffic and that he was sorry. She did not care about the reason and she told him as much. He had a choice to make. She told him if he still wanted to fuck her, he had to smell her farts. Otherwise, there would be no sex. The guy agreed to smell her stinky farts.

Goddess Tempest was disgusted with this guy and she wanted to show him how much he disgusted her. She used her fart fetish to do it. She turned the guy into her fart slave and she made him smell her disgusting and smelly farts. He could do nothing about it but smell them. The kinky mistress even made him lick her sweaty and stinky asshole before she let him go.

Goddess Tempest loves to fart. She does it all the time and she does it because she loves it. She knows many people hate the smell of farts but she loves it. And she is not afraid to use it to have fun at the expense of others, especially those who piss her off. This BBW girl pissed her off and she had to teach her a lesson so she turned her into her fart slave.

This mistress was angered by the fact that this girl was trying to undo all she had done. She tried to reason with her but she did not listen. The mistress was left with no choice but to punish her. And she did so cruelly. The mistress forced the poor guy to lick her ass as well as to smell her farts. It was a cruel way and by the time she was done with her, the girl wished she had listened to her.

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