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Mistress Gia won a bet against her friend Bambina and she redeemed her win by farting on her friend and facesitting on her. She could not say no as they had agreed that whoever won would do whatever she wanted to the loser. She had clearly won and she had to be allowed to do what she wanted to her friend. She loved the facial expressions Bambina made as she farted on her face.

Mistress Gaia was not pleased with what she had seen from this loser. She wanted him to learn to pay attention because he was making mistakes that showed that he did not pay attention to what he was being told and taught. The mistress was having a bloated stomach so she used her farts to both relieve herself as well as humiliate him for fun. He never did it again.

Mistress Bianca came home and found her slave had not cleaned her house. She was expecting visitors and she did not want them to come to her house while it was not cleaned. So she facesat on her slave and she farted on him as punishment. He was choked with her farts and the mistress warned him never to miss cleaning her house if he did not want to be tortured.

Mistress Candy has a big ass. She likes to fart and she enjoys farting all the time whether she is alone or she is farting on someone. She does not care the circumstances. Today she wanted to fart on a guy since it had been some time before she had. She forced this loser to lick her ass besides smelling the farts and he was degraded like he had never been before.

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